Law Job Resources

Learn new skills and insights to support your job search and success on the job

Passport to practice

A legal skills bootcamp open to all students, and free. The faculty include a whose-who of legal practice, from judges to law professors to practitioners. Learn more here.

Chambers Associates Legal Practice Groups

Learn more about legal practice areas and specialties to help you narrow your job search and find niche areas to explore. Learn more here.’s 260 Areas of Practice

This org put together a huge repository of resources to learn about every legal practice area you can imagine. Learn more here.

UVA’s Public Service Career Guide

A fantastic set of resources to learn about breaking into a career in public service. Learn more here.

Top Law School’s Career Guide

A huge set of resources and advice for navigating your job search as a law student or recent grad. Learn more here.

Hotshot Legal

This platform is free for law students through December. Learn more here.

Legal Writing Center (Cuny School of Law)

The Legal Writing Center of Cuny School of Law offers a great collection of free resources to help with a variety of types of legal writing. Learn more here.

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