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Networking and Job Opportunities

Harvard’s Guide to Public Interest Jobs

This is a fantastic guide to learning more about what public interest practice is like. Learn more here.

Harvard’s Self-Assessment for Careers and other resources

A great guide, not behind a password wall, to thinking through what positions you may be best suited for. Harvard’s guide also walks you through things like professionalism and crafting all your application materials. A fantastic resource open to all! Learn more here.

Stanford’s Networking Guide

A great guide for being smart about networking, along with great links to other related resources. Learn more here.

UIC’s Guide to Legal Resumes

A great guide for crafting your resume tailored to legal employers. Learn more here.

UIC’s References and Writing Sample Guide

A guide for working through your references and writing sample. Learn more here.

The Girl’s Guide to Law Jobs

A great resource guide for searching, preparing, and landing law jobs. Learn more here.

Suffolk’s Job and Internship Search Guide

Suffolk has put together a simple yet extensive guide on landing jobs as a law student or recent grad. Some of the resources are region specific, but many are not. Learn more here.

Guide to getting an entry-level law job

A great simple guide to networking for entry-level law jobs from New England Law. The guide has great tips for different ways to reach out and find contacts and start meaningful conversations. Learn more here.

New England Law also puts out a great guide for law students to help with networking skills in general. Learn more here.

Top 10 Ways To Get Your First Job After Law School

Law Crossing offers a number of great guides for nabbing entry-level law jobs. This is a great one, which you can find here.

Here are some others to check out from Law Crossing:

The Number One Reason You Are Not Getting the Jobs You Want and May Be Unsatisfied in Your Legal Career

A great article exploring some reasons folks get stifled in their legal job search. Learn more here.

Five Reasons Law Firms Don’t Hire You After the Interview

A great article exploring more reasons law firms may not hire after an interview. Learn more here.

Mastering the Dos and Dont's of Interviewing

A helpful article with tips on how to master interviews. Learn more here.

Writing The Perfect Cover Letter

A helpful article with guidance on writing a great cover letter for legal employers. Learn more here.

Vault’s Law Student Resources

Vault is a leading resource for law job information. Check out the law students section for tips and guides. Learn more here.

Yale’s Toolkit for Law Student Jobs

Yale has put together an impressive toolkit for law students to position themselves for jobs. It’s more geared toward tough-to-get jobs, but there is still a lot of valuable information here, including great free guides (not behind Yale’s student-only wall) on networking. Learn more here.

Judicial Clerkship Links

Laura Fredrick’s resources for law students on transactional skills

Ms. JD

Ms. JD is a website dedicated to the advancement and success of women in law school and the legal field. Their website includes resources ranging from bias in the workplace to navigating the legal field during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Learn more here.

Writing Resources


LawProse is a blog that has hundreds of posts or lessons aimed at improving legal communications. Learn more here.

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